Each of Eli’s educational trainings are based on a combination of three core methodological components:  increase in topical knowledge, increased understanding of the experiences of others and increase in related skills.  All trainings are highly interactive in nature, and designed to engage participants in the material in a safe and fun learning environment.

Eli’s trainings are customized to the specific needs of the participants and each setting, and can accommodate any age ranges.  He has been professionally trained in a wide range of sexuality related topics and specializes in:

  • Cultural Competency trainings on Sexual Orientation (Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual)
  • Cultural Competency training on Gender Identity (Transgender & Transsexuality)
  • Transgender-sensitivity Immersion courses for medical students and providers
  • Transgender preparedness courses for the HR and company leadership
  • LGBTQ Professional Development trainings for Service Providers & Medical Professionals
  • LGBTQ Diversity trainings for businesses & corporations
  • CEU courses for service providers, mental health professionals, medical providers, and teachers

The cost of having Eli conduct a training at your organizations will vary based largely on duration, location, and the number of participants.  Sliding scale fees are available for organizations with limited budgets or significant financial challenges, and will be considered on a case by case basis.  Unsure if you qualify for sliding scale rates?  Ask!