About Dr. Eli R. Green, CSES

Dr. Eli R Green (he/they) is a formally trained educator who has been facilitating trans-related content since he came out as trans in 2000. He is a well-regarded expert trainer who combines his experiences as a part of trans community, with expertise in facilitation, and a passion for helping make sense of the complexities of gender. Over the years Dr. Green has helped thousands of people and organizations have a better understanding of what it means to be trans and how to be affirming.

His consulting practice Trans-Affirming Training & Consulting specializes in helping organizations realize their goals to better support and uplift trans and non-binary people as a part of collective anti-oppression work. In 2024, Dr. Green & Kelsey Van Nice co-founded The Uplifting Trans Fund, a non-profit organization that raises money to distribute microgrants to trans-led projects that benefit transgender, non-binary & intersex individuals and communities.

Dr. Green is the co-author of the award winning book, The Teaching Transgender Toolkit: A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills. He holds a PhD & MEd from Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies, a MA in Applied Women’s Studies from Claremont Graduate University and is an AASECT certified supervisor. He has won multiple awards for his writing, teaching and DEI leadership in sexuality education. Dr. Green is also a stained glass artist, cat lover and avid traveler.

In addition to his work above, some of Dr. Green’s career highlights include:

➤ From 2015-2023, Dr. Green founded and led The Transgender Training Institute (TTI), a company of 20 transgender and non-binary folks, facilitating trans-related content for over 25,000 people across the US and beyond and redistributing over $1.3 million directly to transgender and non-binary people, including TTI team members, outside consultants, projects, organizations, causes, and companies.

➤ Dr. Green taught human sexuality and related content in undergraduate and graduate settings for 10 years, including served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health at William Paterson University, and in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies graduate program at Widener University as the curriculum and teaching praxis specialist. He left academia in 2018 to expand The Transgender Training Institute, but continues to serve on the faculty of the University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Certificate Program.

➤ Co-Author of The Teaching Transgender Toolkit:  A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills. In 2017, the Toolkit was honored by LGBTQ division of the American Psychological Association with the Distinguished Contribution to Education and Training award as well as the 2016 Book of the Year award from American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Content from the Toolkit was featured in the groundbreaking January 2017 issue of National Geographic.

➤ Facilitation of over 40 trans Training-of-Trainers (TOT) cohorts (700+ people) to support others gender and sexuality educators in their work to help advance understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people. Parts of this work have included capacity building projects to support large scale efforts to create trans-affirming environments, including Trans-AffirmingNJ, and the NYC Administration for Children’s Services LGBTQ Policy & Practice Office’s initiatives to ensure that all LGBTQ & TNB (transgender and non-binary) youth in foster care, congregate care, and juvenile justice are safe, respected, and affirmed.

➤ Dr. Green serves on the faculty of the University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Certificate Program as a curriculum design specialist, and provides individual and group supervision for fellow sexuality and related educators seeking to hone their craft. Dr. Green is a Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists and provides supervision for those seeking AASECT Certification as a Sexuality Educator.

➤ His academic research focused on better understanding the most effective educational methods for reducing prejudice towards transgender people, and was selected as the 2014 Distinguished Dissertation Award recipient by Widener University. His work was also honored by the Society for the Study of Psychological Issues (SPSSI) for significant contributions towards our understanding of current social issues.